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Adventure Part 1

By: Wilson Gao

Steve and Trent were two friends who loved playing Minecraft together. They built a huge castle in Minecraft, with farms, animals, and a library full of enchanted books.

After that, the two set out on their journey to the nearby forest, where they would mine diamonds. A few hours after they started, they encountered their first problem. It was already nighttime, which meant that dangerous mobs were going to spawn soon. They quickly constructed a house but heard the noise of the door being torn off its hinges.

Mobs started to swarm the house Steve and Trent built. The moans of zombies and the clattering of skeletons filled the air. The skeletons unleashed a barrage of arrows at Steve and Trent, who blocked them with shields. Steve attacked the zombies with a beacon, knocking hundreds of them aside. Since the beacon cleared all of the zombies, Steve and Trent switched to their Netherite axes and charged at the skeletons, defeating the mob army.

The sun was shining, and their hopes of getting sleep were gone. They drank some Energy Potions and kept on trudging through the grass of the Jungle Biome. Not long after, the endless green turned to snowy white. This could only mean one thing. They had reached the Taiga. After some well-deserved rest, they collected enough soul sand and Wither skulls to summon the Wither, a powerful boss that could destroy anything in its path. They decided to challenge themselves and fight the Wither.

The sun slowly set over the horizon as Steve and Trent placed the soul sand and skulls on top of the soil, forming a T shape. They stepped back and waited for the Wither to spawn. It was a peaceful evening until a loud roar cut through the air, breaking some blocks around it. The Wither appeared! It had three heads and a long tail, and its health bar filled the top of the screen. The beast was looming over them. Steve and Trent were already dressed in diamond armor. The Wither shot black skulls at them. Trent and Steve saw them coming but couldn’t move fast enough to dodge them. The skulls hit their enchanted diamond armor. Steve and Trent ate their golden apples and drank their potions to heal themselves and boost their strength. They managed to land some hits on the Wither, but it was not enough to finish it off. The Wither was relentless, shooting more skulls and knocking them back.

They realized they needed a new strategy. Steve and Trent switched to their swords and charged at the Wither. They hit it at the same time, causing it to explode in a burst of light. The Wither was defeated. Steve and Trent cheered as they saw the nether star drop from the sky. They picked it up and hugged each other.

They had done it. They had beaten Wither in the end. They were heroes.

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