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Adults are having a driving sale with the hottest toy: Squishmallows

By: Connie Cao

In just a few years, a soft squishy toy called a Squishmallow grew in popularity within all age groups—but especially with adults, because adults are the ones who create brands and can sell toys.

A Squishmallow’s size ranges from 2 to 24 inches, costing $5 or up to $40, according to Jazwares, the company that produces toys, fans 18 and up drive sales.

Jazwares had never hosted an advertising campaign for the toy before. However, in 2022, Circana, a media company, reported the 16-inch Squishmallow was one of the top-selling toys in the U.S.

“The toy isn’t a trend,” said Chris Byrne, a toy expert. “It’s about the fans passionate about these toys and willing to buy a lot.”

Sunny Cho was one of the designers who invented squish mallows.

Sunny Cho worked as a designer at KellyToy when her boss asked her to create designs for a soft and stretchy fabric. Cho wanted to do something different from the toys here. She thought of something similar to the Japanese style of plushies. First, she created an egg shape and added a belly and face. Cho designed 12 plushies, including a cat, penguin, and more.

However, sales didn’t start as they excepted. But in 2019, during the pandemic, Squishmallows skyrocketed. Children found Squishmallows soothing and comfortable. And the reasonable price led to the parents not minding to buy them.

“There’s a real comfort in squishing them,” Byrne said, adding that parents told him that the toy helped calm their children since the pandemic had brought anxiety.

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