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Adults are driving sales of the hottest toy on the market

By: Nathan Chen

Adults are driving sales of the hottest toy on the market: Squishmallows

In a surprising turn of events, adults are now driving the sales of what is being touted as the hottest toy on the market: Squishmallows. Traditionally perceived as toys for children, these squishy plush companions are captivating an adult audience, causing a surge in demand that has retailers struggling to keep up.

Squishmallows, developed by toy company Kellytoy, gained immense popularity among children due to their irresistibly huggable designs and soft-textured fabric. However, it is the unexpected surge in adult collectors and enthusiasts that has propelled the toy into the realm of must-have items, resulting in skyrocketing sales figures.

What makes Squishmallows so appealing to adults? Many find comfort in their squishy and pliable form, many find stress-relieving comfort. They can serve as cozy pillows, cuddly companions, or even a quirky addition to home decor. Social media platforms, particularly Instagram, have significantly spread the Squishmallows craze, with enthusiastic collectors sharing their hauls and creative uses for the toy.

The Squishmallows lineup features an array of whimsical characters, from animals to fantasy creatures, each with uniquely captivating features, and their personalities and backstories are written on their tag. Exclusivity is also a significant factor in the adult market, as collectors are eager to get their hands on limited-edition and seasonal offerings, resulting in online bidding wars and skyrocketing resale prices.

Retailers were initially caught off guard by this unexpected phenomenon, struggling to keep Squishmallows in stock. Many have had to impose purchasing limits, both online and in-store, to ensure as many customers as possible can obtain these highly sought-after plush toys. The surge in demand has even prompted some stores to create waiting lists and implement lottery-like mechanisms for fair distribution.

The impact of adult buyers on Squishmallows sales has not gone unnoticed. Kellytoy has responded to this unexpected market shift by expanding its product line to cater to adult collectors. This move has included introducing larger sizes and more intricate designs, as well as collaborations with popular brands and licenses.

Industry analysts project that Squishmallows' popularity among adults is not a fleeting trend but a lasting phenomenon. With their undeniable charm and ongoing production of new and exciting characters, it seems Squishmallows are here to stay as a staple item in the adult toy market. The Squishmallow phenomenon exemplifies how a toy initially intended for children can capture the hearts and imagination of an entirely different audience, further blurring the lines between age groups in the world of play.

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