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Addison Rae's Father Caught in a Cheating Scandal

By: Charlotte Dong

Addison Rae Easterling’s father, Monty Lopez, was recently exposed for a scandal involving him engaging in an affair with another woman. He was also revealed for taking advantage of his daughter’s fame and fortune.

Rae is one of the most famous Tiktokers, with more than 88 million followers. Ever since her Tiktok account “catapulted her to celebrity in late 2019,” she and her family moved to Los Angeles to further her career. As Rae’s fame grew, she started exploring other activities such as creating music, acting, and modeling.

Aside from Rae’s growing fame, her family also climbed the ranks. Her mother, Sheri Easterling, has a Spotify-produced podcast with her, and both parents signed to WME’s digital talent agency with their daughter. They also appear in her Snapchat reality series “Addison Rae Goes Home.”

The recent scandal regarding her father is causing the family to fall apart.

The family has had a long line of divorces and separations, and this recent scandal will most likely be added to the list.

Lopez was revealed for engaging in a 5-month affair with 25-year-old Renée Ash.

Ash told NBC News about Lopez’s plans to have a long-term relationship with her. He also wants to start a family with her despite him already having a family.

Lopez was not only making advances on Ash but on many other young women as well.

Lopez also took advantage of his daughter's fame and success to build a career for himself.

The idea of fame and fortune consumed him, and he used it to have fun with Ash and even attempt to involve her in his professional influencer business.

“He just kind of went off the rails, and fame got to him,” said a person in “Lopez’s professional network.”

Due to this scandal, Rae and her mother, Easterling, unfollowed Lopez, and the couple both removed husband and wife from their bios.

Josh Richards made a sympathetic statement towards this transgression. “I’m sure Addison and Addison's mom are going through it…It would suck; I can’t even imagine having your dad all over the internet for that,”


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