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Addison Rae’s Family Got Famous with TikTok. Now It’s Leaking Their Secrets.

By: Derek Sun

One of TikTok’s most well-known families is being exposed by the same social platform that made them famous. Videos posted on TikTok in recent months have sparked a social blaze encircling Addison Rae’s family.

The videos seem to depict Monty Lopez, Rae’s dad, seducing young ladies via FaceTime and even stroking a woman’s backside at a bar. Lopez has ignored the videos and did not reply to numerous appeals to comment.

Rae and her mother, Sheri Easterling, both unfollowed Lopez on Instagram. Easterling additionally switched her Instagram description to ‘single mom.’ “I will be okay. My biggest concern is -and always will be- my children and their fragile hearts and minds,” she said.

However, on social media, Lopez has acted like a “devoted husband” to Easterling, posting dances with her and giving her compliments in his posts. Up to Lopez’s alleged cheating, Lopez and Easterling marked each other and wrote “husband” and “wife” in their Instagram descriptions. In early July, both removed the phrases from their descriptions.

Rae formerly said that her parents were divorced and would date on and off in her childhood. They married again in 2017, but the changes to their social outlines have made tabloids and celebrity websites believe they separated again.

Multiple women have also shared Lopez’s actions towards them, including Renee Ash, who shared over 150 screenshots of texts between her and Lopez during their 5-month relationship. The texts seem to show that Lopez assured perpetual devotion, including fame and money from Rae’s feats.

“He would be telling me how we’re going to have a family, the second his divorce is finalized we’re going to be at the altar,” Ash said. “We’re going to have babies, and if they’re boys, it’s his name, and if they’re girls, it’s my name.”

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