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Actor, Jay Johnston Arrested on January 6 Charges, After Being Accused of Being at the Capitol Riot

By: Kerry Ding

In 2021, Popular actor Jay Johnston was banned from the animated sitcom “Bob’s Burgers” and arrested after being charged with being a rioting member at the January 6th Capitol Riot at the Capitol Building.

Jay Johnston an actor known for multiple shows and movies, was arrested because of his presence at the Capitol Riot. The specifics of the arrest show that it was because he obstructed the police, which is a felony.

Johnston was recognized in one of the police officer’s body camera recordings. He allegedly aided the other rioters and shoved a group of police officers. He was charged with entering a restricted area, civil disorder, and two more charges. Some images even show Johnston holding a stolen shield to attack the police officers guarding the entrance of a building with a few accomplices.

Jay Johnston started to be connected to the riot when the FBI asked people on Twitter whether they knew someone in a picture of the riot. Many Twitter users told the FBI that they thought the man in the picture was Johnston. After some investigating, Jay Johnston was confirmed to be part of the riot (NYT).

Cassandra Church, who was familiar with Johnston because she worked with him, wrote a tweet that has been deleted. “I’m no detective, but I do know Jay, he said he was there. And that’s him in the picture “ (NYT).

According to the FBI, many associates of Johnston identified him in the pictures of the riot. In a text to one of his associates, Johnston confirmed that he was present at the riot (NYT).

The Daily Beast, in December 2021 stated that Jay Johnston would no longer be voice acting his character in the show ‘Bob’s Burgers’.

However, Jay Johnston was not the only one to be arrested because of the Jan 6 riot. Over a thousand people have been charged because of their connection with the riot. Some prosecutors say they think at most that these numbers can double.

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