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By: Ethan Pi

Two weeks prior to the official term for President Biden at the White House, a massive riot occurred that was said to be partially directed by American comedian Jay Johnston, director of “Bob’s Burgers,” and changed how people thought of this actor forever.

The actor was identified by body camera footage, seen pushing officers left and right and even thought to be directing the mass riot. The FBI states that Johnston had even been creating an assault against people from the Capitol and defending a tunnel entrance that secretly led to the building. Soon afterward, 54-year-old Jay Johnston was charged for civil disorder and entering a restricted building.

After Johnston was later charged on four counts due to taking part in a major and threatening federal crime, he lost many of his roles, including his speaking role in the podcast “Harmontown.”

Two months later, many colleagues and individuals on social media platforms said they recognized Mr. Johnston on live cameos. Some associates of Mr. Johnston had even identified him in crowd photographs on Twitter.

“I’m no detective, but I do know Jay,” says Cassandra Church, who worked on “Harmontown” with Mr. Johnston. “He said he was there. And that’s him in the picture.”

Pictures on social media showed him crawling into the tunnel entrance, signaling rioters to follow along. In the tunnel, he ruthlessly used pepper spray against police members who tried to capture him at all sides.

“The news has presented it as an attack. It actually wasn’t. Though it kind of turned into that. It was a mess. Got maced and tear gassed, and I found it quite untastic,” Johnston wrote.

In total, more than 1,000 people were charged with federal crimes for their role in the massive riot at the Capitol that day. 500 of these rioters were sentenced, not to mention over half of them were sentenced to prison for as long as 18 years.

While Johnston was sent to court immediately, his lawyer didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. A federal magistrate judge did agree, however, to free Johnston on a $25K bond after his court appearance. None of the public defenders who represented the actor requested to comment.

Whether this was found on television, heard on social media and podcasts, or seen with two eyes directly, this event remains and continues to create a deep scar throughout the course of American history forever.

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