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By: Andrea Yan

The three most important things in my life are school, tumbling (gymnastics), and my dog, Mei Mei. These acrostic poems express the things’ importance and experiences I have gone through.

Staying up all night to get an assignment done,

Crying some along the way,

Having to learn to time-management,

Opening the doors to a better future

Overworked, but still somehow

Loving the learning.

The favorite part of my practice,

Upgrading to doubles

Memories with my gym friends

Bracing myself to faceplant

Laughing as I land on my face

I get up with a smile and try again

Never used to be able to fail and laugh about it

Gymnastics is my safe spot.

Making me suffer with constant biting, chewing, early mornings and going crazy

Every day.

In the process of training her to be a good girl

Making progress, especially when treats are involved

Each time is a little bit more bearable

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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