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Aces Guard Jackie Young is at Hard Work Preparing for Her First W.N.B.A All-Star Game

By: Chloe Sun

Jackie Young is an Aces guard that has met success at every level of basketball. In high school, she won an N.C.A.A division 1 title, and last summer she claimed an Olympic gold in the first 3x3 tournament.

She is currently in her fourth W.N.B.A season with the Las Vegas team and has made it to the playoffs every year including the one in 2020. Young said, “everyone wants a ring I definitely want a ring,” she added, “We’ve been so close every year.” She is one of the top defensive weapons on the Aces team, and is also holding the highest offensive numbers she has ever had in her career. At Princeton Community High School, she earned 3,268 carrier points for the girls’ basketball team. One of her teammates said, “she’s going to try to beat everyone.”

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