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Abortion ban in Poland still affecting many

By: Chloe Xiao

Lena had been quietly crying in her room all day. Her parents seemed concerned, but she knew they would kick her out as soon as they found out about what had happened. She should have realized that Jan would run as soon as anything big happened.

She cursed at herself for being so idiotic before pulling out her navy-blue phone. She stopped all of sudden and started looking closely at the sleek little case. It had many hearts scattered all over, all warped and twisted. Its sleek black ,blue, and lavender hearts brought back more than a few memories. She wanted to cry. Jan had bought this case when they had only known each other for a week, with Jan thinking that she was all cutesy and cheery like those skinny girls Jan watched on his websites. He didn’t like her physique at first as well. Not her fault she was part of a girl’s wrestling team.

She brushed away these thoughts before pulling up Facebook Messengers and tapping on a contact. Natalya was everything she wasn’t, but they had formed a close friendship despite their differences, with Lena going to Natalya’s cheerleading championships and Natalya going to Lena’s wrestling competitions. Natalya was a shoulder to cry on, her rock for her these days.

It was Natalya who had first brought up the abortion pills. She was thinking of messaging Natalya about the new developments in her life. She had told her pastor about her troubles. Oh, how she had regretted it. He had threatened to tell her parents if she got the pills. He showed her that heartbeat that made her even more teary about leaving behind her child. He was offering her a safe place to stay, take care of her child. But she knew she couldn’t live like that. She needed to complete her last two years of high school, and then go to college. But if he told her parents she was doomed, disgraced, and shoved away from her family.

However, having the child was not a possibility either. How could she hide the baby bump and the food cravings? Maybe she should just get one of her wrestling friends to repeatedly punch her in the stomach. It would be just a bit painful, but anything to save her from even more pain.

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