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A young Russian man died in the war, leaving his family sad, angry, and silent

By: Andrew Cheng

Yevgeny Chubarin was a 24-year-old Russian man who decided to join the Russian army to fight against Ukraine. His mother cried and begged him not to go, but he was too excited to join the military. On May 15, the young man took his AK 47 and went on the way but was killed the next day.

Russia, unfortunately, bans tragic stories such as these about eager young men who met their end in the war. The bombast of state media buries the sadness that many families experience. This country has portrayed this war as a battle against Nazis and NATO and an existential struggle for survival. At the same time, the virtual news underscored Kremlin’s anxiety about the bloody facts in the war.

The stories have not yet ended here. Vladimir Krot was a 59-year-old man and a Soviet-trained pilot who retired from the Afghan war. He begged to serve in the Ukraine war, but officials rejected him. Until June, the military told him “yes” as the casualties mounted. Krot died a day later when his SU-25 jet went down during a training flight, leaving behind his wife and an 8-year-old daughter.

The number of deaths from the war is a state secret in Russia, as it is a crime for the people to ask or criticize the invasion and the military. An independent journalist who showed the facts about the war had been arrested for the crime of showing “tears and suffering” incidents in public. The authority has also shut down the online memorial page of the dead soldier.

Overall, Russia is blocking the adverse facts in their army and trying to attract more people to join the military. Eventually, these hidden facts may be shown to the entire world, possibly leading to further skepticism and lack of trust in the government.


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