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A volcanic eruption sparked the highest lightning ever seen

By: Daniel Xia

In 2022, an amazing event unfolded in Tonga as an underwater volcano erupted, unleashing a towering plume of ash and water that reached space and caused a ginormous tsunami.

Lightning is often associated with thunderstorms. However, the research on the Tonga volcanic eruption revealed that lightning can also be triggered by volcanic plumes. The eruption's plume, made of tiny particles, created static electricity through collisions of the particles, leading to lightning flashes in the stratosphere. The eruption's movement likely increased air pressure, enabling the lightning to form even at such remarkable altitudes.

The Tonga underwater volcano eruption, along with the lightning within its plume, has revolutionized our understanding of volcanic processes. As Alexa Van Eaton, a volcano scientist, states, "This eruption has completely changed the way we think of how natural events can change the atmosphere."

In conclusion, the eruption of the underwater volcano was extraordinary, producing a towering ash plume, lightning, and causing a massive tsunami. It improved our understanding of volcanic processes and emphasized the importance of further research for better monitoring and disaster preparedness.

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