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A Visit to Mika’s house

By: Crystal Ge

Ding, dong, ding, dong. I rang the doorbell.

“Coming!” Mika’s dad opened the door. “Oh, hello

sweetheart. What are you here for?” Mika’s mom

asked. “Oh nothing, I’m just here to visit, and I also

bought over some cookies for you guys, my mom

hand made them,” I said. “That’s so sweet you know

you didn’t need to do that!” She said. “Hehe…” I

laughed, “But where’s Mika?” “Oh well she is in her

room, uhm we have a guest over so, ahem, there

will be a kid around your age.” “Ahh ok sorry to

bother,” I said. “No, no it’s ok, we love guests but

come in,” She gestured me inside.

I ran up the stairs right into Mika’s room.

“Mika!!” I shouted, “Uhm, did mom tell you there’s a

guest over?” Mika said, “Yeah, she did.” I replied,

"Yeah, so, quiet down a little or you’ll need to go

home, cause you just made me, and Rosella lose the

game.” Mika said in a cold voice, “Ohh, uhm ok

then.” I said quietly, Rosella looked disappointedly

at Mika. She then looked back at me and whispered:

“Sorry about her…” “I nodded.

“Rosieeee, come on! Let’s play again since that

girl who I don’t know ruined our amazing moment

together. Let’s play Mario Run.” Mika said in a bossy

tune. I looked shocked; did she just say she didn’t

know who I was? Or…2

“Excuse me, I’m you’re all-time bestie gurl, do

you not know me? Or did you just lose your

memory?” I said to Mika in the same bossy tune as

she said, “Oh, well at least Rosie is better! Even

though I just met her!”

“I-I” I said, “You know what! I’m LEAVING!” I

said, shouting the last word.

When I got back home, I was sooooo angry.

That little son of a RAT! I thought in my head.

“Welcome back honey! I thought3 you said you’re

coming back at 4:12? Right now, is only 1:26.” “Not

talking about IT.” I said in a grumpy voice. “Hmph!”

A while later I heard my mom speaking to

Mika’s mom. Then I heard a ding. I looked on my

phone, it said Roselia “Hmm I said, I think that

Rosie’s real name, guess Mika has a hundred of

nicknames for Roselia.

R: Hello, is this the girl who got mad at Mika’s house?

ME: Ahh yeah it is me. How did you get my number?

4 R: Long story.

Me: ok then.

R: What’s your name?

Me: Kailey, Kai for short

R: ok…

R: Oop Mika’s calling again!

Me: Ok then cya wanna be ya

R: Gud Bye!

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