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A Van Gogh Masterpiece or Mystery?

By: Cathy Cai

When Vincent Van Gogh was low on money he would paint on both sides of a canvas, but over the years, those painting were covered up or lost. But now, over time, these painting have been discovered. Now, another of his hidden self-portraits has been discovered, this time at the National Galleries of Scotland.

"Moments like this are incredibly rare," Frances Fowle, senior curator of French art, said in a statement. "We have discovered an unknown work by Vincent van Gogh, one of the most important and popular artists in the world."

Van Gough

Vincent Van Gogh was artist. He was extremely poor and was not famous while he was alive. In fact, his paintings were only recognized for their genius after he died.

The self-portrait was revealed during an X-ray of an 1885 painting by Van Gogh, Head of a Peasant Woman, as the museum was prepping for an upcoming exhibition on impressionism, which is scheduled to open at the end of the month. "Hidden from view for over a century, the self-portrait is on the back of the canvas with Head of a Peasant Woman and is covered by layers of glue and cardboard," the museum said in a statement on Thursday

Article Link: Van Gogh hidden self-portrait has been discovered in Scotland using X-ray _ NPR.pdf

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