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A Trail of Holes on the Sea Floor from Underneath The Sand

By: Amy Li

Two decades ago, a mysterious trail of patterned holes appeared on the sea floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists have little clue about how these indentures they call “life traces” came to be. Now, twenty-seven miles away from the first trail, these little patterns showed up again two decades later.

On July 23, explorers used a remote-controlled device to look at undiscovered areas, and when the vehicle was close to Portugal’s mainland, they saw approximately a dozen holes that assembled something like a track line of about five or six feet long, made of holes about a mile deep and spaced four inches apart. A week later, on Thursday, scientists made four more discoveries of these strange patterns, now considered “life traces,” or markings left by living creatures.

Now, what is puzzling the explorers and scientists of the world is who or what created these tracks. An article published in the New York Times revealed that even though two decades have passed, little has been discovered since the last trail of holes. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the organization conducting the expeditions in the Atlantic, began paying close attention to the marine life, ecosystems, and geological process around the time when the creation of these holes halted. They also turned to the media for help. The comments proposed all sorts of ideas and speculation. Some say it was man-made, some say it could be tracks left by submarines. Answers varied from gases bursting out to starfish doing cartwheels to new species. Some even say the holes were the creation of something alien to this planet, or a gigantic sea creature buried in the sand. The last one might not be so far-fetched, scientists speculate the holes were indeed created from pushing out under the sand.

August 7th is when a third expedition of the area will take place, NOAA announced. Maybe what they discover will bring on a new wave of fresh theories, or something new about the creator of this phenomenon.

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