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A ten-year-old gets to attend a huge tournament

By: Carys Wee

In January, ten-year-old Michaela Togia will fly to Manchester to take part in a tournament and play against some of the biggest soccer clubs.

Togia is from Sydney, Australia. She is an amazing soccer player and caught the eye of English Premier League Academy scouts. Because of that, she got to attend the Global Football Network showcase, which requires seven hours of training over two days.

Togia said “There were 60 girls at the showcase, and I was a little nervous because I was the youngest and smallest there, but I just gave it my all and had fun.”

Togia says that her dream is to play in the English Premier League. In the future, she hopes to be wearing the gold and green and represent her country as a Matilda, like her idols England Captain Harry Kane and Sam Kerr.

“I have great coaches who push me to play at my best, I train hard every day and put my all into every training session and game,” she said.


Sydney girl scouted by Manchester United _ KidsNews.pdf

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