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A Teen Makes a Martin Luther King Cupcake to Honor Black History Month

By: JJ G

Michael Platt, a 14-year-old boy, made a Martin Luther King cupcake to honor Black History Month. He is the founder of Michael Desserts in Bowie, Maryland, and his best-selling flavor is sweet-potato-pie flavored. Well, you might be thinking, “Why sweet potato pie?” Sweet potato pie is a famous African American dessert. Platt has admired Martin Luther King since kindergarten, and now that he has a whole home-based bakery, Platt can make his own Martin Luther King cupcake.

“He saw a problem he wanted to fix and wasn’t hesitant about it,” says the 14-year-old about Martin Luther King.

Michael donates bakery items to those in need. He says, “to represent a great African American.”

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