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A Team In A Fishing Competition was Disqualified After Having Something Bite the Fish

By: Jace Hill

271 boats. That's how many boats there were trying to catch a fish heavier than 500 pounds. One boat, the Sensation, brought 1 very heavy fish. It weighed more than 500 pounds, but there was a problem with it. They were supposed to get 3.5 million dollars, but the officials found that there was a bite mark in the fish, disqualifying them from the competition and therefore ruining their chance at 3.5 million dollars. The captain of the boat Sensation, Greg McMoy, says, ”I've never really been a money guy, but that paycheck would have been really nice. But you just, you know, we're not gonna get our plaque on the Big Rock fountain there."

The owner of the Sensation, Ashley Bleau, says that they did not see anything by the fish, he told Pirate Radio TV. He says that the damage to the fish was superficial. Big Rock announcer Tommy Bennet told the crowd watching the competition that as long as it was heavier than 500 pounds then Sensation would have won. Tommy Bennet says that the fish is disqualified due to “mutilation caused by a shark or other marine animal. It was deemed that the fish was mutilated before it was landed or boated and therefore it was disqualified." When this 619.4-pound fish was out of the competition, first place went to Sushi, which won just over 2.7 million dollars, without the extra 739,500 dollars.

Although this fish was ruled out of the competition, many believe that this fish should have won this competition, although due to the rules made by IGFA’s Jack Vitek, they did not.


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