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A Soccer Player, Marta, gives an Emotional Speech After her Final Match

By: Boya Hu

On July 22, 2023, Marta Vieira da Silva, a Brazilian soccer player, played her last game in the World Cup. This was her sixth and final match of the World Cup.

37 years old Marta holds the all-time scoring record for World Cup goals, whether it is for men or women. She is a two-time Olympic silver medalist, and she was the FIFA World Player in the Year 6 times. In her first soccer match, no one knew her name: now, things are quite different for the soccer player.

In the passionate postgame speech that she made, she gave people chills. She said, “Marta ends here. There is no more World Cup for Marta,” according to NPR.

"But it's just the beginning," she said. "I'm done here, but they're still here." “I want people in Brazil to continue to have the same enthusiasm they had when the World Cup started. To continue to support. Because things don’t just happen overnight.” She shouted into the microphone. “I am very happy with all that has been happening in the women’s football in Brazil and in the world. Keep supporting.” she said, while the tears flowed out of her eyes. It is sad to see her leave, but she sets a good role model for other women who also want to try the soccer career.

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