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A Shipwreck Named Antikythera Stores More Artifacts than Scientists Can Research

By: Keira Gong

The famous shipwreck called Antikythera holds many artifacts all the way from 120 years ago. As people kept searching for remains of things that the artifacts, and they recently found more things from the cargo ship.

The more recent things that researchers found on this ship was a decapitated marble head of Hercules, a hero from the Greek era. Lorenz Buamer, an archaeologist, said "[i]n 1900, [sponge divers] pulled out the statue of Hercules, and now in all, we've found its head, it's a most impressive marble piece. It is twice life size, has a big beard, a very face, and short hair. There is no doubt it is Hercules."

Another piece that they found was a vessel which dates to all the way to 60 BCE, which is thousands of years ago. Along with missing parts, they also found 36 statues that are figures of the myth gods, like Apollo. More statues were found but this time was made with copper, these copper statues are very rare considering that romans used copper to make currency and weapons.

They also found this old computer, as said in a Dogo News Article, “[t]he most significant find, however, was the Antikythera Mechanism. Often referred to as the world's oldest computer, it calculated and displayed information about astronomical phenomena, such as eclipses, decades in advance.” The latest discovery was the find of the marble head, another statue’s legs and base, a part of the cargo’s equipment, and finally 2 teeth.

These artifacts help scientists find out about the past and what people did. There will definitely be more things in that ship to be found, and we can’t wait to find out.

Link to Sources: Ant in there Ship wreck Continues To Yield Arti facts After 120 Years Kids News Article . pdf

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