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A Search For a Lioness Turns Into a Wild Boar Chase

By: Zoey Wang

On Friday, July 21, a brief, blurred video of what was believed to be a lioness running after a boar on the outskirts of Berlin, Germany was taken by two men.

Officials and police immediately began a hunt for the lion but the situation only became more chaotic as time went on. The New York Times reported, “Ms. Bastians said on the first day of the search, amid a constant hum of helicopters flying overhead, she decided not to take her dog out for walks, and instead exercised him in the garden” ( The New York Times, 2023). Due to the ongoing search for the loose lioness, people were forced to stay in their homes and try to limit activity spent outdoors. Uncertainty and fear arose within the city as no one was aware of the creature's whereabouts.

After a two day search for the animal that was suspected to be a “lioness”, the police were alerted by a local resident who claimed to have seen the creature. The police dispatched a troupe of 30 officers armed with thermal imaging cameras along with a drone to fly over the zone that the lioness was believed to be near. As a result, they ended up discovering nothing but a group of wild boars. “The announcement that it had been a false alarm, Ms. Bastians said, came as a “huge surprise’” (The New York Times, 2023). Like Ms. Bastians said, the end result was truly startling and unexpected. After all the havoc and confusion, the search finally concludes with nothing to worry about but a pack of boars.

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