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A River’s Blog Post

By: Sophia Wang

Hey guys, I am the Brooks River and welcome to my first blog. Today, I will tell you guys what I do in a day. But first, a little bit about myself.

I’m a river located in Katmai National Park, Alaska. I live with my younger sisters, Brooks Lake, Brooks Falls, and Naknek Lake (I’m the superior body of water, of course). I’m home to many fish species, such as rainbow trout, arctic char, and salmon. There are many animal species near me and around Katmai, for example, bears, wolves, otters, and even humpback whales.

Today, I woke up at the crack of dawn, and there was already a bear roaming around, hoping to catch some salmon before the other bears arrived. I happen to know that bear, his name is Michael, and he is very shy. There was also a photographer, the first visitor of the day. He left soon after and went to photograph my sister, Brooks Falls. People always visit her because the salmon at her location jump 6 feet in the air. So unfair.

I had a very nice pebble sandwich for lunch and I was joined by 5 grizzly bears. There were more visitors too, but unfortunately, there was a very rude person who kept throwing rocks in the water. It hurts very much when you do that, so don’t.

In the afternoon, there was so much salmon. So, I decided to make my waves rougher, just for funsies. The salmon love it, it’s like going on a rollercoaster to them. The bears hate it, but that’s just because they can’t ride rollercoasters.

During the evening, my mom decided to drop by for a visit. Since she’s the rain, all the visitors started to leave. While I was trying to eat my delicious meal of stone and gravel soup, she kept talking about how I should keep my riverbanks cleaner (even though I personally think that they’re clean enough).

Anyways, it’s approximately 9 pm now. Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog! Come back next week for more.

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