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A Remarkable World

By: Tony Lu

It brightens the weathered windowsills,

It sparkles upon beads of water,

It dazzles the darkened eye,

It scintillates through flawless crystals,

It brings depth to the primordial world around us.

It rouses the sullen man,

It colors the faded pictures,

It reverberates through the corners of nature,

It plucks the strings of space,

It brings sentiment to the rusted world around us.

It fetches long-forgotten memories,

It gathers the vitality of flowers,

It tinges the austere familiar,

It reminds of a faraway home,

It brings attachment to the apathetic world around us.

It forges lifelong relationships,

It perceives the subtle intricacies,

It controls the long way forwards,

It preserves every moment,

It brings detail to the vast world around us.

Watch the delicate shapes flickering around us,

Hear the euphonious melodies soaring above us,

Scent the distant thoughts hovering near us,

Touch the jaded earth rotating beneath us,

Observe the stunning world around us,

When we behold the dawn.

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