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A Realistic Musical of Frida Kahlo’s Life Is Coming to Broadway

By: Zhile Chen

Finally, a musical of Frida Kahlo’s life has been approved by her family. Her family had refused to approve past attempts to make her story a musical because they felt it focused too much on Frida’s tragedies and depicted her inaccurately. The reason they finally decided to approve this musical was that they felt like this musical depicts her accurately.

The musical, known as “Frida, The Musical,” will include details from Kahlo’s life in Mexico City, Paris, New York, and the “Blue House,” where she was born and died. It will come to Broadway in 2024 and be produced by Valentina Berger, with music by Jaime Lozano and lyrics by Neena Beber.

The musical will be unique, providing unknown details and personal stories. The musical will be taking insight from “Intimate Frida,” a memoir by her niece Isolda Kahlo, and learning about her from talking with her family.

As a result, her family approves of the musical. Kahlo’s relative, Mara Romeo Kahlo, said, “In all the stories I heard when I was a little child, our family remembered Aunt Frida as a very joyful woman. She was passionate about music, arts and Mexican culture. ‘Frida, The Musical’ honors everything she was: a real woman who fought for her dreams, loved like anybody else and always lived ahead of her time.”

Beber is going to write Kahlo with a wry humor that she had in life, which will be a novel experience for the audience. Art historians usually focused on her trials, not the part of her that was fun.

Her suffering that people constantly captured included a difficult marriage with Diego Rivera. A car accident that badly hurt her spine and pelvis left her with great, permanent pain. She died relatively young at the age of 47.

But she was much more than her suffering. The Kahlo family told Berger about how Kahlo laughed constantly. They told her funny stories. Berger visited a safe place where Kahlo hid sometimes in her mother’s house. The family played for Berger some songs that Frida sang before.

Lozano also visited Kahlo’s family. He relates to Kahlo, as they are both immigrants who went from Mexico to the U.S. “She is such an inspiration, not only as an artist but also as a warrior,” he said. “With everything she went through, she kept fighting, making her own art, telling her own story. As a Mexican, to be telling this story and bringing this authenticity to the show, I feel really honored.”

Source: The Washington Post Frida Kahlo’s life story is being made into a Broadway musical.

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