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A North Dakota City Attracted a Corn Mill. Then Came Questions About Its Chinese Owners.

By: Bella Lee

Officials in the North Dakota city of Grand Forks are enthusiastic about booming business in the economy, but questions have arisen about its Chinese owners. Fufeng is a global leading bio-fermentation company that manufactures products that support animal growth, and they are currently setting up their headquarters in Grand Forks.

Last year, Fufeng announced that they wanted to build a corn mill in a muddy field. At first, this was considered a great opportunity for all of Grand Forks and other North Dakota cities, but then the company’s connections to China made some turn against the project.

Grand Forks officials have felt there is no national security in Fufeng, and critics felt displeased with Grand Forks economy case.

Brandon Bochenski, the mayor of Grand Forks, has stressed the importance of improving economic efforts in Fufeng. According to data, 18 percent of the people in Grand Forks are living in poverty.

Global relations are starting to go downhill, and countries are wondering if the U.S and China are growing together economically.


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