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A New War Arises Between China and Taiwan

By: Yuming Sun

The Russia-Ukraine war has been a heavily present topic in the News. Russia wishes to reclaim Ukraine as a part of Russia, even though Ukraine is already an independent country. Many countries are helping Ukraine defeat Russia, but China seems to be the only country supporting Russia’s decision. It seems that China is taking inspiration from Russia. China has plans to take over Taiwan.

Taiwan and China are different countries. Taiwan earned its independence from China on January 1, 1912. Taiwan is an island, while China is the mainland. Traveling to Taiwan can be difficult, you have to either take a boat or fly a plane. Both countries also speak different languages. Mandarin Chinese is the most popular, and well-known, way of speaking Chinese. Mandarin is the official language of China. Within China, people speak different dialects.

Dialects are how individual people from different cities and towns speak. They still speak Chinese, but they have different ways of saying it and have different accents. People in Taiwan, however, speak Taiwanese. Sure, there are people in Taiwan who speak Mandarin, but Taiwanese is more widely spoken. Although there are some differences, there are also similarities. For one, China and Taiwan have the same holidays. They celebrate Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year. There is also the Dragon Boat Festival and the Lantern Festival.

China and Taiwan are close on the map, 180 kilometers to be exact, which is around 110 miles. Because of this closeness, China believes that Taiwan should be a part of China, instead of being a different country. Taiwan was originally inhabited by indigenous people. Around six hundred years later, Chinese citizens land in Taiwan. After that, many different countries sought to claim Taiwan. Taiwan was technically a part of China, but earned its independence in 1912, as noted earlier. Chinese forces have been descending on Taiwan for the past ten years. President Biden of the United States says that China is “flirting with danger” as their planes are close to Taiwan. Many government officials are watching China closely. The United States of America wants to protect Taiwan because of the Taiwan Relations Act made on April 10, 1979. It showed the non-political friendship between Taiwan and the US. This act says that America should provide Taiwan with firearms so that Taiwan can protect itself.

Some believe that this war will happen anytime soon. Tessa Wong, a BBC reporter, says that this war would be way too expensive not only for China but for the whole world. China wants to keep the peace with Taiwan for now.


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