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By: Jojo Zhan

Muna, an indie-pop trio, created a song that was a viral hit. “Silk Chiffon”, featuring Phoebe Bridgers, is the most pop-oriented and propulsive Muna has ever written.

The song is a love song featuring and is sweet and lighthearted with the narrative featuring Muna enjoying their youth and a beautiful day in general. Both Muna and Phoebe Bridgers are part of the LGBT community.

The band consists of Katie Gavin and Naomi McPherson, both 29, and Jossetta Maskin, 28. They have played at Lollapalooza, appeared on the Jimmy Falcons show before its debut album, “About U,” came out in 2017, and was even an opening act for Harry Styles.

But months into the pandemic, RCA, Muna’s label, dropped the band, citing cost-cutting necessities. Muna was shattered. But then it went back to work.

A friend of a friend rented them a studio in her basement and the band started showing up every single day. That's where all their new fizzy songs came to be.

Muna was formed at the University of Southern California when McPherson first spotted Gavin biking through campus and said to her friend, “That girl is cool.” Turns out the feeling was mutual and they bonded.

Gavin introduced Mcpherson to Maskin at a party and soon after, they started making music together, discussing guitar chords between classes.

The group spends their free time hanging out and from the way they finish each other's sentences and communicating with a knowing look or eyebrow raise, you can tell they have a very close relationship.

In fact, Gavin and McPherson have actually dated for years, and Martin had threatened to quit the band when they broke up, if they didn’t agree to go to therapy.

The trio returned to “The Tonight Show” earlier this month and Gavin felt some fright she had experienced when they first played there in 2016.

Despite the band’s circumstances changing, Gavin isn’t letting go of its past, ““I don’t want this era to be, ‘Oh, we used to be one way, and now we’re another way, and everything’s great now,’” she said. “We are who we are, but it’s the compassion we have for ourselves, the awareness we have.”

Gavin said, “I do think that the bigger feat is having these friendships with each other.”


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