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A New Perspective of Egypt’s Pyramids

By: Xiu Sun

As a photographer, Tanveer Badal traveled to Egypt to visit the pyramids of Giza with Mark Lehner, a famous Egyptologist. He met the jovial dig team, visited the dig site “Lost City of the Pyramids”, and was overwhelmed by the celebrated treasure stood in the sandstorm.

The ancient pyramids of Giza are heavily photographed monuments. Tanveer observed the pyramids and snapped shots in his unique way. With an open mind and fully trained sensitive eyes, he saw weather changes or “bad weather” as a great opportunity for capturing a different pyramid.

Under streaks of light and interesting cloud cover, the most celebrated tombs appeared surreal. A few raindrops added even more glamor. The weather kept changing and a strong dust storm formed and attacked the Step Pyramid of Djoser, part of the Saqqara necropolis that locates some 19 miles south of Cairo.

Gusts of wind whipped masks and scarves; people seek for shelter from being blew away. Despite the extreme inconvenience of the sandstorms, Tanveer saw the ancient giant wonder in a theatrical background and fully appreciated the magnificent architecture as an outwardly structure.

Dr. Lehner’s amazing research on the excavation keeps unearthing more information on ancient times. He’s currently working on a Giza-based dig site called Heit el-Ghurab, a 4,500-year-old settlement that includes two different ancient towns, a delivery bay and several identifiable main streets.


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