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A New Generation of Virtual Reality?

By: Sarine Rong

Imagine being able to control your TV with your eyes or a quick pinch

of your fingers. The Apple Mixed Reality Spatial Headset does exactly that.

This brand-new technology has been taking the world by storm. However, a

question remains: is the $3,500 price really worth it?

This VR headset can make a large workable TV screen appear before your

eyes- whether you are relaxing at home, or even boarding an airplane to

Chicago. The device can also create an accurate VR model of yourself that

you can use to replicate yourself while calling your friends. According to

digital, this headset will also be able to run multiple floating apps

at the same time within the metaverse interface. It also has a piece of fabric on

the back of your head, which makes this VR headset a lot more comfortable to use.

With speakers, sensors, and cameras, wearers will be able to navigate this technology

with ease.

Although this VR headset may seem spectacular, there are downsides.

According to many examiners, this VR headset is heavier than other

famous VR brands, such as the Meta Quest. Also, the home screen only includes

apps that were made by Apple- which in many eyes is too plain. Many testers also didn’t like the 3D photo feature because the sight of still people in action makes them feel uncomfortable.

So, what is the final verdict? I believe that this is a very amazing virtual reality headset, certainly a lot better than the Oculus and Shinecon. But is it worth the price? Certainly not - for now.

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