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A New Formula One Movie Aims to be the Most Realistic to Date

By: Andy Gao

Many different car racing movies have been made in the past. A new movie is now filming, starring Brad Pitt. This movie is set to be the most authentic movie to date. Shot during actual races, this movie aims to shine some light on the real Formula 1.

The untitled movie from Apple Studios, Plan B Entertainment, and Jerry Bruckheimer Films will feature actors Brad Pitt and Damson Idris. The film’s race is set in the world of Formula 1 and is about a fictional team APXGP. Over the past two years, shots of the film were captured during real races around the world.

The film crew visited the Silverstone circuit for the British Grand Prix and the Hungaroring for the Hungarian Grand Prix. AGXGP had its own pit wall timing stand, its own motorhome, and a garage in the pit lane. They even ran black and gold cars on the track.

Joseph Kosinski, the movie’s director, worked with Mercedes-AMG to convert Formula 2 cars to replica Formula 1 cars with camera mounts. Over the season, cameras were positioned around the track to capture racing footage. Using different effects developed from “Top Gun: Maverick”, the AGXGP cars will appear like they are racing.

“You’ll see the cameras mounted all over the car. The shots — you’ve never seen speed, you’ve never seen G-forces like this. It’s really exciting,” Pitt stated. (New York Times, 2023)

Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time Formula 1 champion, is working with Kosinski to help with the production. “I’ve spent time with Joe, trying to make sure we’ve got the best camera positions,” Hamilton said. (New York Times, 2023)

Pitt has been training for the movie by learning to race himself. He started by driving karts and open-wheel cars before moving on to Formula 2. At the Silverstone circuit, Pitt was part of the drivers’ briefing. George Russell, Hamilton’s teammate at Mercedes, said it was “quite surreal” to have Pitt involved. (New York Times, 2023)

George Russell, Lewis Hamilton, and the team at Mercedes enjoyed having Brad Pitt and his crew at Formula 1. “He was joking around, having a good time and just being one of the boys.” (New York Times, 2023)

After Liberty Media Corporation took control of Formula 1 in 2017, the “Drive to Survive” documentary series was released, transforming the presence of the sport. “We’ve already seen the great work and impact of the Netflix show, and I think this movie will take it to new heights beyond that,” stated Hamilton. (New York Times, 2023)

Stefano Domenicali, the chief executive and president of Formula 1, was excited at the idea of the movie. “I thought it would be another fantastic way for fans to see what an amazing sport we have and to hopefully open it up to an even wider audience than we have now,” stated Domenicali. (New York Times, 2023)

Both Domenicali and the film crew at Apple agree that the production needs to be as authentic as possible to show the world the true Formula 1. “We have been able to work together to provide unprecedented access to live moments,” he said, “which I am sure has never been done before at this level in a filming project.” (New York Times, 2023)


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