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A New Extraordinary Player is Added to Manchester United, Lisandro Martinez

By: AB G

Lisandro Martinez is transferring to Manchester United from Ajax. Ajax is a Dutch football club based in Amsterdam. Martinez is transferring to Manchester United which is a football club in Manchester, England.

Manchester signed a five-year contract for 46.8 million euros which will rise to 55.6 million euros in the future. Martinez is Erik Ten Hag’s, the manager of Manchester United’s football club, third signing this summer.

“We didn't want to lose Martínez, but with transfer fees like this, everyone understands how it works," said Hamstra, the manager of Ajax.

Lisandro Martinez is an Argentenian football player who is 22 years old. He began his football career in 2017 and has been playing for five years now. He started on the team Newell’s Old Boys, in Rosario, Argentina, then transferred to Defensia y Justia, located in Florencio Varela, Argentina. After that he then moved to Ajax in 2019 where he won two Eredivisie titles and a KNVB. An Eredivisie title is awarded for the highest level of professional football in the Netherlands and a KNVB is awarded for winning a Dutch tournament organized by The Royal Dutch Football Association. He was the Ajax player of the year for the 2021-2022 season.

Martinez usually plays center back on the field, which is one of the most important areas to defend. A center back defends in the area in front of the goal and tries to block the opposing team from scoring.

He is nicknamed the “Butcher of Amsterdam” because he is not afraid to smash into players or throw his weight around. “Yes, I am called the carnicero – The Butcher of ¬Amsterdam. We Argentines do -everything with passion and when I go out on the pitch, I fight for every ball. If I have to step over dead bodies, I do it.” said Martinez.


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