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A new explosive art style, quite literally, explosive!

By: James Hu

Ever since she was a young girl, British artist Cornielia Parker has been fascinated with violent destruction of items and creating art from them. Ever since the 1980’s, Parker has been creating some of the most breathtaking pieces of art through a mixture of emotion, explosion and creativity to the maximum. Woven from the destructive, broken pieces of life into magnificent masterpieces, her story is one worth sharing and her artwork is one worth considering. Tate Britain has collected over 100 of her most known arts and she comments to BBC: “everything just sort of weaves together” An exquisite example of this is in her artwork: “the kiss” in which she uses string to wrap the sculpture around many times, drawing eye catching attention.

Her physical ideas are often related and founded by deep emotion and physiology. A story of art is, after all, a work of destruction, and Parker puts together fragments of emotion and expression to create something new. From its most inner meaning, art is destruction, created from the resurrection of materials and objects to serve a greater purpose. The earliest forms of art used incinerated bones and cinder to draw out huge works of creation. In her artwork: “The Thirty Pieces of Silver”, she creates a poetic display of silverware ranging from baby-spoons to large plates. She then dangles them just inches above the ground giving the piece a majestic look.

Another addition to her beautiful collection, is her most famous piece: “Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View”. This was created 2 years after the 30 Pieces of Silver and reflects almost an astounding moment. The gallery features the parts of a blown-up garden, with items like shriveled metal, garden tools, bikes, etc., hanging like a suspension around a single lightbulb, casting shadows everywhere around the room. Their silhouette makes the watchers feel like they are in a suspended reality, a place where an explosion occurs, but never finishes. This effect makes this one of the most creative artworks made by Parker.

These artworks show the beauty of destruction when used at its fullest potential. Mixed with emotion, creativity and a strange yet magnificent twist to traditional art, her artwork just might spark a next generation of creation.

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