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A Magic Pencil

By: Cathy Cai

Scarlett is an ordinary girl. She had no superpowers, and her family is very poor. Scarlett’s only prized possession are her color pencils. She loves her pencils because she loves to draw. But even though Scarlett comes from a poor family, she is still loving, kind, selfless, and compassionate.

One day, a fairy from the heavens saw her. Because of Scarlett’s kindness, the fairy watched her and wanted to grant her a wish. The fairy saw her drawings and decided that she would give Scarlet the power make her drawings become real.

After the fairy granted the wish, she had disappeared. An evil fairy, Garlic, had cursed her because he hated her goodness. After being cursed the good fairy gave Scarlett eh ability to turn into the next good fairy. According to legend, the good fairy still looks around and helps people. As for Scarlett she became greedy and never became a fairy. So, beware, being kind, selfless, compassionate, and with greater virtues, you will have the greater good. But after you receive that, DO NOT become GREEDY!

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