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A Lost Pencil

By: Chloe Sun

Remember that pencil you lost a few months back? Well, we could go looking for it- no?

Why not?

I see, but I’m sure it’s in that classroom of yours somewhere- I see you are feeling lazy. Why don’t we look together? You say it’s just a pencil? It’s YOUR pencil, and we are not buying you a new one. Hmm let’s go to the school and look, shall we?

They’re not open? Let’s go on Monday then-, no? Hmm, wait what- what do you mean the school is not open. The office hours on Saturday are 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, let’s go right now.

No? How about if we go, I’ll get you an ice cream? Yes!?

Finally, let’s go already. Ten minutes later, we’re here now. Where is your classroom? Ahh here, classroom 12. Let’s look.

Thirty minutes of searching later. Still nothing. I guess it’s not here; alright fine let’s get some ice cream. One ice cream later. Fine, I will buy you a new pencil. At the office supply store. Here let’s get this one, happy? You better not lose it. If you do, I won’t buy you another one.

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