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A lost golden retriever has reunited with its family

By: Carys Wee

In Alaska, a blind golden retriever named Lulu who was lost for three weeks has been found and reunited with her family.

Lulu, a blind golden retriever, had walked away from her owners. But after three weeks, a construction crew found her in a salmonberry bush. When they first saw her, the crew mistook her for a bear. When they realized Lulu is a dog, they brought her back to her owners. She was barely alive, but is being nursed back to health.

The Kubacki family is grateful to the construction workers for bringing Lulu home. One of her owners, Ted Kubacki, said “She means everything, I have five daughters, and they’re 4 to 13 years old, so they’ve spent every day of their life with that dog.”

The family had been searching for their dog ever since Lulu was lost on June 18. They believed that Lulu wouldn’t survive very long in the open, because she is helpless and blind. It is practically a miracle that she lived and was brought back to her family.

This difficult time for the family was made worse when someone joked that they found Lulu.

“We put the kids to bed and got a text saying, ‘We found your dog,’ or ‘I have your dog,’ and we’re like, ‘Oh my god, this is incredible,’” Kubacki said. “Then the person texted me, ‘Just kidding.’ This happened, yeah, that was all part of this terrible story.” The family had given up hope after searching for Lulu for weeks.

The Kubacki family is grateful to the construction workers that brought Lulu home. Though they have had a hard time, the family got Lulu back and are restoring her back to health.

Source: Blind older dog found in Alaska 3 weeks after wandering off

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