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A Long Time at The Pool

By: Ray Wu

On Friday, I had such a great time at summer camp that I forgot about going to the pool with my brother and his friend, Eric. Our parents and his parents were also going. Once I left summer camp, I wondered why there were towels, goggles, and other swimming items. Were we planning to go to the water park? That was when I remembered!

“Dad, are we going to the pool with Eric today?” “Yes, we are, and Mom will be there,” he said. I stopped asking questions because I wanted to be surprised.

On our way there, my brother and I were very quiet. I am pretty sure that my brother was low on energy after summer camp.

First, we changed. We put on sunscreen so we could get ready. Then, my dad told me that Eric’s family would be there soon. We thought they were already on their way. Then, my dad just noticed they just started leaving. It would take them about 5 minutes to arrive.

So I waited patiently. I really like waiting when I don’t listen to anything. It sometimes just makes me feel good. My brother is the opposite. He always wants something to do. We had no idea what to give him, so we just entered the pool.

At first, the water was cold. After a few seconds, the water felt warm. Very warm. I would say that the heat came from the sun; it was very hot. I just swam around and saw that one area of the pool was 11 feet deep. No wonder there was a diving board.

After a few minutes of swimming, we saw Eric. I just thought he came out of nowhere. It had been a long time from seeing him. He knew much more about the pool. The 6 to 11 feet area required a swimming test to enter. Since it was my first time, I didn’t know much. My brother entered a few times already.

While taking a break, we were waiting for my mom to bring in the pizza. First, Eric’s mom bought a bag of unpopped popcorn kernels. Fortunately, they had a microwave in the snake bar area. First, there were instructions about popping the popcorn. We had to put one face up and warm the popcorn for four minutes. The instructions said that it would take less than four minutes. While waiting, we knew that once the popping sounds slowed, it was ready to be eaten. It was nice to just sit there and wait for the popcorn bag to inflate. It took about two and a half minutes for the popcorn to be ready. We shared the popcorn, and I really think that my brother wanted it to be a competition, as always. I really didn’t care.

In the middle of eating popcorn, my mom came. That was when the pizza came. It was Ledo Pizza. She also brought some French fries, strawberries, and watermelon cubes. We had a great meal, and we continued playing in the pool.

While swimming, I completely forgot about the time. There was a huge clock that I didn’t even notice. It wasn’t until Eric asked his mom what time it was. It was almost 7:00 PM. I couldn’t believe it. Time flies. The saying is true. I just wished we had an extra couple of hours on our hands.

Eric’s mom bought each one of us a Jolly Rancher popsicle. I wanted to enjoy the popsicle, but it started to melt quickly. I guess that it’s too bad that I couldn’t even have a few minutes to enjoy the taste.

Then, we left. I had a great time. When I got home, I noticed that I had a lot of work to finish. My dad said that for today it was okay that I didn’t finish everything. It was just to have fun.

Well, yes, I did have fun. I had a very good time. I wish life was always like that. I was very tired, so I got ready to sleep. Once I was ready, I went to bed.

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