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A Lonely Spring Day

By: Ella Wang

A single tree stood among the vast land of wheat and grasses. The diamond, azuring sky was filled with puffy white clouds. All I could hear were the little birds singing to their everyday songs. The smell of fresh grass and clean air filled my body. The feeling of the long grass brushed and tickled the tips of my fingers, and the calm winds breezed past my face. I could taste the fresh air on my tongue, wanting for more.

It was a hot, sunny, spring day, yet the tree was isolated and bare. Not a single vibrant colored leaf or wild cherry blossoms were on this tree. Just naked barks and branches standing in the middle of a beautiful landscape.

I asked myself: why was there a lonely, plain tree on this graceful spring day? Even with never-ending miles of joyfulness, the tree made me feel cold, afraid, alone.

Suddenly, the reality I was living in started to collapse, break, and shatter into pieces. I started to fall into total darkness, and I tried to grab the reality back. I began to remember the regret, guilt, and pain in my life. Everything became black and gloomy with only the bare tree remaining. I screamed for help, for anyone, but no one was there, and I continued to fall deeper, deeper, and deeper into the cold, vast nothingness.

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