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A Lioness Hunt Close to Berlin Becomes a Wild Boar Chase

By: Puter Kang

A lioness hunt becomes a boar chase on the borders of Berlin. The police used helicopters, drones and night-vision goggles to search for the loose lioness, but their pursuit ended unexpectedly with an announcement of the reason having been the lioness being mistaken as a boar.

After animal researchers and experts observed the unclear cellphone footage that caused the two-day search, they all came to the same conclusion individually: the photo and footage pictured a wild boar, not a loose lioness.

The footage was captured by two men who believed that a lioness was chasing a wild boar in Kleinmachnow, a small area southwest to Berlin. The search began rapidly because a wild lioness can cause trouble for the residents.

100 heavily armed police with high tech mechanics have been involved but nothing has been found. After being confirmed that no lioness exists, they end the search rather abruptly.

Mr. Grubert, the mayor of Kleinmachnow, told all to consider the risks if the report was not taken seriously.

He stated at the news conference last Friday: “Imagine if it had been the other way around.”

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