A letter to the author of “Trump, the Mail and the Unbinding of America”

By: Luke Wang

Dear Mr. Krugman,

I have recently read your opinion article about the connection between Donald Trump and his election to the United States Postal Service. In the article, you pointed out that Biden suggested that Donald Trump intentionally halted budgets for the Postal Service in order to prevent the “deliver mail-in ballots.” From your article, I can see that you’ve established yourself as a strong supporter of this idea as it is evident in your critical tone towards the President and used the President's HEROES act to prove the statement.

In order to prove your points, you have also used the actions of the Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a prominent critique of Trump and his government. The reasons you wrote “There are not one but two possible constitutional crisis looming.” Even though you supported this idea with a source, I still highly doubt the actual value of these crisis, since Pelosi would be using these crisis as rather conventional methods in her war against Trump.

In conclusion, your piece of opinion article has triggered my thoughts, as I do agree that a major reason why President Trump would be motivated to work against the Postal Service is the correlation to his upcoming elections. However, I do think there is a part of your article I think would be more helpful for the reader, you can maybe analyze the situation from the perspective of President Trump and his forces in order to gain more important information for the reader and also to make a more complete article. The article overall is a well written criticism that would inspire it’s readers and to also persuade that Trump is not a good leader.

Sincerely, a reader

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/17/opinion/trump-us-mail.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage

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