A letter to Michael Chertoff

By: Luke Wang

Dear Mr. Michael Chertoff,

I recently reviewed your opinion about the deployment of NSA federal agents in Portland. I appreciate your views about the usage of the NSA especially the recent actions undertaken by the NSA ordered by the President, Donald Trump. You have also utilized your own experience of the Secretary of Homeland Security during your term with George W. Bush and Barack Obama to debunk Trump’s actions and commands towards the NSA and ultimately, the USA’s Homeland Security assets. I also found it particularly intriguing as you mentioned how the agency requires to be functioned with the help of fellow government agencies and the private sector. You also discussed the agency’s “critical” foundation, public trust. Even though I believe the public trust of such agencies has not been high as a key factor of the American society is to question authority, I do absolutely agree with your point. A law enforcement agency can only function and enforce the law if the people are willing to cooperate. If not, there are now laws and no subjects to enforce on. In conclusion, I believe the agency has not been properly utilized in this scenario and that President Trump should reconsider his orders and authorities over the agency.


A reader


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