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A Journey Into The Falls

By: Connie Cao

If there was one thing that I loved most in Niagara Falls, it was getting wet. I loved to feel the cool droplets of water pouring down my face and the loud laughter of the people around me, especially the joyful screaming of my little brother.

August 1, 2022 8: 05 a.m. All Aboard! -

It's the crack of dawn; the sun has barely come out, still hiding behind my neighbor's house. I hear my father walking about in his room. I stretch and roll out of bed. I get up quickly and get dressed as soon as possible, for today I am going on a journey to the falls.

I remember 2021, when I was rapidly finishing Grade 5, my family and I went to Niagara. It was a beautiful place, and the waterfall was the best view yet. Many say it was one of the top tourist attractions in the world. I can't disagree.

Now, I was ready to go back. I packed all my things for this trip and put on tons of sunscreen. Sunscreen was essential; after all, it was summer.

This trip to me was much more than a fun day; it was a fun family day! Today couldn't have been better without my grandparents aboard.

We climbed into the hot car; the air conditioning was not to be turned on since our car was in its 20s (basically ancient). Our vehicle backed away from the driveway and sluggishly moved to our destination.

August 1, 2022, 11: 47 p.m. Burger and fries -

The car stopped in front of the Skylon tower (the tower located in Niagara Falls, like in Toronto, there is the C-N Tower). I put on my hat and sunglasses, my brother mimicked, and we stretch.

Inside, we were welcomed. The lady at the front presented us with tickets for our meal at the top of the tower. After 10 minutes of my brother poking me in the line, we finally managed to get in the elevator, bringing us to the top. I was starving.

We ordered and the meal came; the servers greet us with a smile, pouring us water and giving us bread. I ordered a burger and fries. I shouldn't have; I think I ate too much bread.

August 1, 2022, 1: 05 p.m. Soaked -

Every year, my family and I would go on a cruise. I would say I am pretty lucky, no, super lucky. My cruise years were terrific! It felt like freedom as we sailed out into the blue sea. The island slowly faded behind us.

I never expected a cruise that would go right inside the falls, and not just at the entrance, inside...

The cruise at Niagara was an experience worth remembering. Except, of course, the part where you got drenched and the long walks…

My family and I walk onboard the cruise in our raincoats. My brother and I go in the front, a decision I should probably consider beforehand. The cruise leaves shortly after, heading at an incredible speed towards the falls.

At first, you feel a slight shower of water, and then you're bucketed with tons of water, drenching you from either end. Laughter fills the air; your brother screams with fright as water droplets splash the boat into your shoes. You smile because that's what Niagra's all about. Haha.

August 1, 2022, 4: 00 p.m. Journey behind the falls -

Now that we had fun inside and at the front of the falls, why not experience behind the falls?

The line into this new experience is unexpectedly long. Dad said there was an emergency, and they had to evacuate.

When we get inside, we explore. It is a tunnel full of wet rocks all around. Dripping wet. All over the tunnel are little boards with history about the falls. I wonder, how can a seven-year-old survive after almost drowning?

August 1, 2022 6: 30 p.m. Back home

This adventure was a great and a long one. 2 hours back home felt much shorter. After all, I was exhausted.

This experience was an unforgettable one. I will remember to note it down for my future days. I hope that family days will last much longer and I can have loads of fun with my family daily.

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