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A Huge Spend by the San Diego Padres for Seasoned Players

By: Jayden Dudek

San Diego Padres was formed in 1969. The team was so weak that it never qualified for any championships in 50 years. Then, after years of smart spending and trading, Juan Soto led the team all the way.

Juan Soto, the 23-year-old left fielder, led the Washington Nationals to win the World Series in 2019. The San Diego Padres are hoping that Soto will bring them the same outcome.

Soto stands among a long list of players who have made baseball history at a young age such as: Miguel Cabrera, Mickey Mantle, Frank Robinson, and Mike Trout.

Soto's confidence and skill allowed him to bravely decline a $440 million dollar offer from the Washington Nationals, so he could join the Padres, along with a few of his other teammates.

The San Diego Patres traded Luke Voit and other five less experienced young players with the Washington Nationals for Soto and Josh Bell. General Manager of Padres, A.J. Preller, gave the credit to their scouting and development group.


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