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A hidden self-portrait of Van Gogh has been discovered. Here's what you can see so far.

By: Eric Zheng

Do you admire Vincent Van Gogh? If so, have you seen Starry Night or his self-portraits? There is one painting you’ve never seen, that was just found. If you want to see it, the painting is located at the National Galleries of Scotland.

This painting was found when they were x-raying one of Van Gogh’s paintings from 1885. The painting was found at the back of the canvas and is a self-portrait covered by layers of glue and cardboard.

"When we saw the X-ray for the first time of course we were hugely excited. Such a major discovery happens once, twice in a conservator's lifetime," senior paintings conservator Lesley Stevenson said in a video released by the museum. Just because it's hidden under the portrait, doesn’t mean you can’t see it from an x-ray machine.

This isn’t just the only hidden painting they discovered. There were also previous discoveries that are currently located at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

The newly discovered painting will be visible once they put it up in the exhibit, and they will use special lightboxes so you can see it clearly.

Would you have ever thought that Van Gogh would have a secret painting behind the other painting? Who would have known, without the gift of modern technology!

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