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A Gown Worn by Princess Leia was Supposed to sell for 2 million dollars, but Fell Short

By: Boya Hu

A gown that was worn by Star Wars’ Princess Leia was put on sale for 2 million dollars, but fell short of selling. The final bid was 975,000 dollars. This amount fell short of selling because the minimum bid price was 1 million dollars. The shiny gold bikini that Leia wore to act Slave Leia also fell short of money, with a final bid of 96,000 dollars. The original price was 11 million dollars.

In the movie, “Return of the Jedi”, Leia wears a gold bikini that Jabba the Hut controls. According to The Guardian, there were many different versions of the costume. “Don’t be a slave like me. Keep fighting against that slave outfit.” warns Leia to a new Star Wars actor.

The dress became unsold because the gown did not collect enough to complete the supplier’s value. Both of these pieces were in the Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction for weeks. “It may be sold after the auction in a private-treaty sale or may be re-offered again in a future auction.” a company said.

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