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A Gospel Song

By: Tiffany Han

It was the last minute of the 76ers game against the Celtics, the buzzer was about to ring at any moment and the 76ers were still losing by one point. NBA player James Harden attempted to do a three-pointer. He shot, and he scored!

There are two reasons Harden thinks contributed to the shot. The first reason is that just before the game, his coach sent him a seven-minute-long gospel song called "You Know My Name. " Harden let the whole song play. He said during an interview, " All right, there's got to be some kind of good juju in this song, or whatever he's feeling, and I want to feel like that."

The second reason is that a few months ago, Harden made a promise to a Michigan State University's shooting survivor who was paralyzed from the chest down, John Hao. His promise was that as soon as Hao was well enough, Harden would get him to a game. "He brings me good vibes, good energy," Harden says.

Harden made 42 points in front of one of his biggest fans.

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