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A Gorgosaurus dinosaur fossil is up for auction, setting to be bet for millions of dollars

By: Sara Li

The fossil of a gorgosaurus dinosaur auctioned for the first time is expected to sell for $5 million to $8 million. The auction will occur at the Sotheby Auction House in New York on July 28th. This fossil is 3m tall and 6.7m long and is considered “one of the most valuable dinosaurs to ever appear on the market.”

The Gorgosaurus lived about 77 million years ago and weighed about 2 tons, slightly smaller than a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Though it was smaller, Paleontologists say it was fiercer and faster, its bite being about 42,000 newtons compared to the T-rex’s 35,000.

The skeleton was found in 2018 in the Judith River Formation near Havre, in the US state of Montana. This sale will be memorable, being the first dinosaur skeleton sold since Sue the T-rex in 1997 for $US8.36 million.

Unlike in other countries, selling fossils is not illegal and thus could end up overseas. According to Sotheby’s head of science and popular culture, Cassandra Hatton, “All of the other specimens of Gorgosaurus that have been found are in museums,” along with adding that “This is the only one that you can actually buy, so it’s an exciting moment, both for private collectors and institutions.” But, even if it is sold at its top price of $US8 million, it is pale compared to Stan the T-rex, which was sold for $31.8 million.


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