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A Georgetown Tennis Coach Convicted of Taking Bribes

By: Lucas Sun

Last fall, A Georgetown Tennis Coach admitted that he took bribes from students who wanted to go to the school. He was sentenced to at least two years in prison.

The 54-year-old coach suffered punishments from a federal investigation known as Varsity Blues. This involved parents bribing school officials to let their children into high-ranking schools.

The coach was one of the most successful people at taking bribes and letting children into the school. He was reported to have earned more than 3.5 million dollars from taking bribes and letting 12 dozen people into the school. He was also in a group that made false tax returns and attempted to bribe federal programs.

In 2019, the coach and 4 others were also convicted of taking bribes. The coach let four people into the school’s tennis team and some didn’t even play competitive tennis. At least 50 people were charged for being in close connection with the problem. The coach didn’t tell the tax collectors about the money he earned from bribery and this act made more parents fear schools letting rich kids in who didn’t pass the exams.

The coach was said to have worked with the person who was the center of all this. He was claimed to open a side door to people who were wealthy. Mr. Singer is one of the remaining people in this case who hasn’t been convicted yet and his hearing is this September.

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