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A French sergeant has died falling from a Hong Kong building

By: Haolun Zhang

Viki Odintcova dangles from a Dubai skyscraper, hanging with only a friend’s hand grasping her. Posted in 2017, this video got more than 1.6 million views after she posted it on Instagram, along with plenty of people’s criticism.

Although this might seem exciting or adrenaline-inducing, the actuality is that multiple people die from “rooftopping,” the act of climbing and spending time on a roof, every year. Recently, a sergeant in the French Army died not from warfare, but from falling. Remi Lucidi was spotted near a rooftop before he was found dead at the beginning of August. On the evening of his death, he had told the security guard that he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor, and then entered. According to building surveillance, Lucidi had then gotten off at the 49th floor of the elevator before taking the stairs to the very top on Level 68.

The door had been locked, but he had forced it open, determined to take another photograph from a roof.

Those were his last moments.

Police found his sports camera, which contained videos of the extreme sports he had done, according to the South China Morning Post. Many of his recent photos had been taken in dangerously high positions in countries across the world, including Dubai, Bulgaria, and France.

(Lucidi is seen in this image dangling off a chimney in Bulgaria)

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