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A Fire Kills at Least 14 at a Thailand Nightclub

By: Alex Chu

On Friday, August 5, a fire broke out at a Thailand nightclub. The fire killed at least 14 people and injured about 38 people according to authorities. Some people were documented fleeing with fire on their clothes.

Police are investigating the causes of the fire. Authorities say the nightclub had originally been a restaurant and was probably transformed into a nightclub without official permission. The police said they were investigating the cause of the blaze. Most witnesses say that the fire started in the ceiling and moved onto the stage of the music and that’s when the explosion was heard.

Police found that the emergency exit was locked at the time of the fire and some other sources said the fire was fueled by a flammable soundproofing material that lined the walls. Nana told the television station PPTV about the fire because she was the first one in the pub to see the fire. “I saw flames above the stage, on the right side,” she said. “The singer onstage saw it too at about the same time, and he shouted ‘fire!’ and threw the mic at it.” As she and her friends made their way to the door, they saw people’s clothing catch fire, she said. “I saw a lot of the pub’s bouncers covered in flames inside.” She added that the pub had opened only recently. All the people who were in the pub were Thailand citizens according to the police. The tables and stools are the only things remaining in the pub.

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