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A Daydream I Had

By: Jessie Sha

I swear, I was trying to pay attention. But homeroom was so boring, and the singlight coming through the window was so warm, and Ms. Peterson, reading the announcements, was impossibly dull. Before I knew it, I had fallen into a daydream. A usual, I had slipped into the fantasy world I was writing a story about. “What if Kenneth did something, and after that, they tried looking for him.”

I stood in the middle of a valley glowing in the last dregs of evening light. I glanced around at the cabins dotting the woods, then down at myself. Ah, of course, I was walking in my favorite character's shoes. I was Annabelle.

“Kenneth?” I called out.

I walked around the cabins, looking for something to do.

“Excuse me?” A timid voice called behind me, as I turned around, my waist length hair whipping the speaker in the face.

“Yes?” I asked, looking at Luna, who was standing behind me much closer than I was expecting.

“Headmaster wants to see you.”

“Ok, where is he?”

“In the meeting/ big room.”

“Ok, thanks.” I towards back around and walked briskly into the biggest cabin, floor croaking like a frog. “What did Headmaster want?”

“Hello?” I asked, stopping, then stepping forward cautiously. All I saw was one dim light and a figure cloaked in shadow.

“Good morning Annabelle.”

“You wanted to talk to me?” I asked, sitting down on the creaking floor.

“Yes, yes, I just wanted to say, uhm… What was it again? Oh! That was it, good luck on your mission.”

“Thank you sir, but I don’t leave until week after the next.”

“Oh, right, but just wanted to give you early luck you know.”

“Yeah, right.” I walked out, but only a few steps into the spongy grass, I bumped into something or someone hard.

“Kenneth! Hey, I was looking for you.”

“Oh, that’s funny, I was looking for you. Anyway, someone told me Headmaster wanted to talk to you?”

“Oh, yeah, he seemed off though.”

“I seemed what?” An old raspy voice said. Before I turned around, I could hear the scraping of feet into the grass.

“H-headmaster?” Suddenly, he bolted out of there, leaving bald spots in the grass where he stepped.

“Go after him!” I shouted. We chased him into a corner, and trapped him, but just when we thought we won, he transformed into a-a.

The bell rang, cutting off my daydream. “Ugh, great timing. Now I need to think of a demon to put in my story.” I cleaned up my things and walked out the door to my next boring class.

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